Thursday, September 06, 2012

End of Summer Bracelet

It's my favorite time of year, when summer starts to yield to fall.
There's that feeling to the air, the garden is overspent, it's full on tomato season, the first apples are picked.
The kids are still excited to be back in school but it's not yet time to unpack all the sweaters.

So, one last summery bracelet, after this it's on to autumn colors. 

Leaves and Sky Bracelet : flamework glass beads and sterling silver

The lumpy little clouds are made with Effetre 'Sky Blue Opalino' glass and the leaves are Effetre'Mosaic Green.'

I am starting to get the hang of hammering my own clasps.

This is the photograph that inspired the bracelet.
It got blogged a few weeks ago, but everyone is always asking me where "my inspirations" come from.

And, bonus, the drawing for the bracelet from my jewelry sketchbook.

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