Monday, July 23, 2012


Mine are on the left, the original vintage Venetian glass beads are on the right.

I started with an oval core bead of black then wrapped it in silver foil (not leaf) and then carefully added loopy, goopy strands of clear glass.

You have to be careful to keep the silvered bead out of the flame while you add the clear otherwise you'll burn it off too soon. Once all the clear blobs are on the bead put the whole thing into the flame and vaporize the silver off the places without the clear - it's the fun part.

Not a bad first try. I need to use a smaller, thinner rod of clear for wrapping the trails over the silver foil.

I also made one with a base of teal and blue mixed together.

I can't wait to try these with lots of other colors, solids as well as transparents.


Jenni said...

Interesting technique and you ot some lovely results.

Steph said...

It's your version I like best! :)