Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Get Your Identity In Order"

Oh what a birthday present I just got from the Office of Homeland Security.

Apparently my maiden name is still on my social security account but my married name is on my passport and drivers license. Until there is complete and utter harmonious conformity on all my documents New York State will not renew my drivers license.

I have been married for 22 years. So it's been this way, unbeknownst to me, for a very long time. You'd think it would have come up when I applied for my passport or when I renewed it... or the last time I renewed my driver's license. Nope, today on my 52nd birthday.

"Ma'am, it's all part of Homeland Security's plan," deadpanned the clerk. A dedicated woman who did not think refusing to renew my license was at all stupid, she gave me the stink-eye as she sized me up as a potential terrorist.

I tried to stare her down but she's a pro at this bureaucratic stuff, so I sighed deeply and asked politely "what do I need to do in order to renew my license?" "You will need to go to the offices of the Social Security Administration," she pushed a slip of paper at me printed with an address, "and get your identity in order."
Who wants to drive me around for the next few weeks?

It's time to take a deep breath and drive myself up to the lake with the last few valid hours on my license.

I will do the same thing I like to do every year on my birthday - have a Genny Cream Ale with a fat slice of red velvet cake and then watch the sunset over the vastness of Lake Ontario. So goes another year - I am very comfortable with my identity, even if the powers that be are not.

These snapshots are of last year's sunset and cake.


Gardanne said...

I always had a funny feeling about you. maybe its your preoccupation with fire.
Have a Happy Birthday, sorry I can't make it to the lake have a bite of cake and a chug of Genny for me.
We are officially the same age until August 14th, so no gloating that you are younger than me until then.

Love you, Anne

one-eared pig said...

That sucks! But that is a very nice way to end your day. Happy birthday!