Thursday, June 02, 2011

Bigga - da - bugs

Our family vacation to Maine was wonderful.

The purpose of our trip was to deliver Miss Margaret to the Maine Media Workshops, in Rockport, where she has a three month photography residency.

We did it all... stayed in a cabin, walked the beaches, picked up loads of rocks, ate lobsters and drank beer for breakfast.

One highlight was a tasting tour of the Allagash brewery in Portland. Now that's good beer.
My favorite? The Curieux which is aged in Jim Beam whiskey bottles. I know - it's witchcraft.

This sexy guy watched us eat lobsters. Many a lobster gave their life for us last week. Margaret has always loved lobster, when she was three she ordered "a bigga-da-bug." in some restaurant. I imagine that waitress still remembers her - same with the waiter she ordered "dog balls" (hush puppies) from.

It sure is scenic in Maine.

I can't wait to go back at the end of summer.
Maybe I will finally see a moose. I really want to see a moose, I need to see a moose.


Gardanne said...

That looks wonderful, how exciting for Miss Margaret.

Andrew Thornton said...

Great photos! Looks like an awesome trip! That Curieux brew sounds right up my alley! And don't you just love the things kids say?!!??!

Steph said...

Great post!
Beer for breakfast? wowww ;)
Hope all is well for you!