Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love Songs

Who doesn't love heart shaped beads?
I cannot even begin to tell you how many of these I have made since I began lampworking.

I always make at least one each session at the torch - as an end of the day bead.
Picking up and using all the popped off ends, short bits and glassy detritus, and bits of fine silver on my bench.

I don't fuss with them much, this season's have just a hand hammered spiral bail and a simple leather cord.

This one (above) has a black base encased in Sapphire Blue from Cims's with at bit of fine silver foil floating on the surface. One of my girlfriends nick-named it the evil bitch bead.

These heart necklaces are part of my everyday clothing uniform and sometimes I'll sell them right off my neck.
It can be really weird.

All of these are headed to More Fire Glass Holiday Sale.

A variation on the theme - one of my little seed pod beads dangling on the end.

This heart (above) is a great glass combo to try.
It's Cim's Olive wrapped up in silver foil and then dotted haphazardly with Double Helix Gaia. Melt it all together and reduce heavily and you get a glittering, iridescent moss covered rock.

They are all around two inches long.

My hearts are gravity shaped - which gives you lovely drooping swirls when when you make stripes on the bead before shaping the lobes of the heart.

There are even a few more - if you want to see them you can click here.

Since this post is called "Love Songs" tomorrow's blog post has to be called "Bird Songs."
Please stop by and see this season's flock of bird pendants.


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