Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hippie Chick

I have this big, happy necklace in a show - but it better not sell.

I want to have it for myself.

It's made up of lots and lots of small stray beads - graduated in size from about 9mm to 12mm.
All of them are different and I put them together on hand hammered, spiral links of brass.
It took hours and hours of banging with my little hammer.

'Hippie Chick' is a continuous loop about  45" long.
I wore it for a few minutes just to check it out - it was so fun.

Of course, I can make myself another one if it sells.
But, you know how that goes, I would probable never get around to making another 72 individual wee glass beads.

P/S - Sorry for my absence from the blog this past week - my silly old laptop was in the shop. Turns out it was probably just dust that was making it wheeze and pass out. Guess you can guess how much time I devote to dusting this old house?

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rosebud101 said...

How fun, Lucinda! Love the necklace! What was your inspiration?