Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miss Moth and the Glass Fairy

What a tattered beauty she was.

A little white moth died on the sill.

I taught the opening night of 'beginning beads' yesterday - welcoming four new lampworkers into the world. They are a particularly talented and delightful group. Surprise! Three of them are rather handsome men.

It's been a very glassy day here so far - I piddled around and took a quick inventory of my glass stash and then placed a large order this morning. I bought a few really odd lots - sampling glasses with peculiar names like Buttered Popcorn, Whisper, Orion, Martian Strata and Tidepool. I  am also trying out some seeded rods, has anybody out there used them? Finally, with much gnashing of teeth and eyes rolling back into my head, I ordered a couple of bundles of exceedingly expensive silvered glass. Yes I am feeling kind of frisky.

With the indulgent shopping out of the way I have settled down to do a few beady sketches. Working from the jet black berry photos of last weekend I am planning a bracelet of leaves with lots of berry headpins as dangles. Next I will pull out all the rods I need and get ready to torch tonight. I am soooo ready. It's been almost two weeks since I have been able to get my flame on.


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos

Gardanne said...

Try my new record away from the torch, 5 WEEKS!!!!! My cast is coming off on the 11th, I know I will still have a hand splint and PT before I am back to normal, I wonder if I still can make a round bead? I will try and visit soon.