Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hearts & Crafts

I have done two outdoor shows in the past two weeks. Both were great fun and completely exhausting.
This past Sunday was 'Hearts & Crafts' in the Eastman School of Music neighborhood in downtown Rochester, New York.

You know the routine: make your crap, tag your crap, box your crap, haul the crap, set up the whole mess, talk to one million people and collect the money, tear down the whole mess, haul it away, collapse into your favorite chair and whine about how tired you are.

Paintings and drawings (above)
Loose beads (below)

Buttons. Have I told you how much fun I have making buttons?

I have a beast of a button maker from Dr. Don's buttons - the Cadillac of button machines.

This past Sunday I was set up next to Nancy Topolski who makes the greatest hand knits, collages and stuffed toys. When we weren't selling and shivering we were yakking. Setting up next to a friend really makes the day fly by.

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Nancy Topolski delicately perched said...

I had a great time on Sunday too! It was so nice to yak and catch up. Thanks for the great photo!