Thursday, September 09, 2010

Milk Glass Roses

I found this crusty, old milk glass necklace at a garage sale. It's probably Venetian.
It's rusty, dirty and very inspirational.

Glass bead makers take a closer look. Each of those pretty icing-like roses is made on the end of a headpin.

Here's a closer look at the underside. It's kind of like peaking up someone's skirts to get a look at their undergarments. There's a lot of interesting stuff under there.

Is this not a great idea? I cannot wait to try this out the next time I am at the torch.

Crusty eh? But it looks to me like they were made by tweezing, squeezing the petals from the center out. Or maybe they were formed from the base up. Not unlike making roses for a wedding cake. I wonder if this was someone's wedding jewelry?

Here's another view - see what I mean?
I think we can all have a go at making some of these wee blossoms.

Single ones would make lovely earrings. I will post my attempts if they are successful and maybe even write a little tutorial. If you try to make them, please share your results with me.


one-eared pig said...

Very pretty! If only the necklace could speak...

WondrousStrange said...

Can hardly wait to see what you come up with!

rosebud101 said...


Christine said...

Now I have to go try to make some, too...can't wait to see yours!