Friday, July 30, 2010

Golden Leaves Bracelet

Golden Leaves Bracelet - flameworked glass leaves & round beads, labradorite beads and a salvaged antique brass chain and clasp.

The beads are made with a base of  Effetre Light Topaz and Pale Transparent pink. They were encased with Double Helix's golden glass called Aurae and heavily reduced.

Oh man, I went to a trade show yesterday and bought a pound of Double Helix glass. I splurged on  the new red color Clio and three 1/4 pound bundles of some odd lots. More about all of that later. The ISGBN (International Society of Glass Bead Makers) is having a convention here in Rochester and I have attended a few of their events.

This bracelet is in a show that is opening tonight at More Fire Glass. There is also a bead show that is traveling with the ISGBN convention opening there too.  There will be flameworking demos with Sally Prasch and blowing in the hot shop. It should be a great party!


WondrousStrange said...

This just exudes Autumn! Long so for the cooler breezes! Beautiful piece!! said...

This is fantastic!

Black said...

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