Friday, July 16, 2010

Dark blossoms

Finally, I made a pair of earrings from my dark glass thorns. The beads are months old but it was difficult trying to conceive of a way to turn them into some finery for my lobes.

My jewelry will be in a group glass exhibition that is up during the International Society of Bead Makers convention here in my home town and I want to look my best. There is nothing like a looming deadline to get my slacker, creative butt in motion.

After a half a dozen false starts they came together very simply.
 I nestled an iridescent black cornflake pearl on each side of the thorn and secured it with a hand cut, rough garnet and some gunmetal wire.

The glass I used for the roots is dark silver plum. You can see the beads before they were earrings here.

I adore them, they're very Morticia Adams.

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WondrousStrange said...

These are to die for:) Gorgeous!!!I initially thought deep sea creature. Wonderfully creative!!!!