Monday, April 06, 2015

Springtime Bracelet

Start with all of this.
Blue ribbed donuts, translucent yellow headpins and a mess transparent green leaves.

End up with this.

I am now making tags for all my big necklaces and bracelets.
It's like signing a painting.

The blue beads are Effetre 'intense blue transparent' with Val Cox 'African Violet' frit.
The yellow headpins are Vetrofond 'yellow transparent odd.' One of my most favorite colors.
And the leaves are all three shades Effetre of 'grass green transparent' (light, medium and dark).

The clasp components are sterling silver and the rest of the links and headpins are brass.

It really catches the light and moves nicely on the wrist.

Hello Spring! So glad you are finally here.

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