Sunday, April 12, 2015

Clowning Around or Cheap Cheep

One of our local public art spaces is called the 'Rochester Contemporary' or RoCo for short.

Each year their main fundraiser is an event called 6x6.

Artists from all over the world donate thousands of 6" x 6" works that are sold for $20 a piece.
It's insane fun.

So this very well turned out woman sashays into my studio during a public event and asks if I am going to make more birds for 6x6. She tells me loudly, to impress the room, that she got one a few years ago on opening night and would like to get another one "on the cheap."

I knew instantly I would NOT be making more birds for RoCo this year.

Here are my 6x6 paintings for this year - come and get 'em lady.

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