Monday, January 12, 2015

Design du Jour - Leather and Glass Bangle

I'm teaching a free class!
Saturday, January 17th from 11 to 2 at Let's Bead in East Rochester.

You don't need to sign up, just drop in and we will make one together.
It will take about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Y'all know I'm always skittish about teaching.
I'm the nervous and fearful type when I look into those eager (or bored) faces.
But it's free so how could they possibly feel short changed?

It's a super simple and fun project.
What's the worst that could happen?
Perhaps a minor glue accident.

The first bead is stationary (the spot where it's joined) and the rest of the beads slide freely around the bangle. So much fun to fidget with. Keep it simple or pile on the beads and charms.

Come on in and I will show you all my little tricks.
Leather and beads will be available for purchase - material prices for a one bead bracelet start at $8.

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Jane Perala said...

Those are really cute! Are you going to put a tutorial on here? Pretty Please.