Saturday, August 09, 2014

Crusty Love Beads

Test beads hot out of the kiln, not even cleaned.

A combination of lots of funky glass in these beads:
First some short rods of old scummy clear I just need to use up.
Also some weird cored canes called 'Whisper' that has a thread of rubino oro running down the middle of some hopelessly scummy clear.
One sad rod of Cim's 'Cirrus' from a batch that just will not strike.
There's also some Double Helix 'Aion' frit and lots of fine silver foil rolled up in there.

My inspiration for these beads is this strand of 1200 year old Indian quartz crystal beads that I saw on Pinterest (below). Mine are unexpectedly a lot more 'golden' but I'm loving them as is.

I think I want to tumble mine to knock some of the shiny off them.

p.s. I keep a Pinterest file of Ancient beads, I find them wildly inspiring.
Take a peek here.

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