Saturday, January 25, 2014

"I Love You Pumpkin" said the Squirrel

Back by special request - it's the "I Love You Pumpkin" charm bead.

One in copper and one in brass. They're up in my Belvedere Etsy shop.

Here's what the glass beads look like before they're capped and cored.
Yes, I have a request for a white pumpkin - love it.

Every year I leave my Halloween pumpkins in the little garden by the side door for the squirrels to eat.
For some stupid, squirrely reason this year they didn't find and devour them.
As you can see one of them, that was sitting on top of a cement planter, has collapsed onto itself in a frozen goo-sicle. That ought to be fun to clean up in the spring.

Check out this pumpkin that is buried in the snow!
Last week, when it was so stinking cold, a squirrel found it and ate into the seedy center.
Completely hollowed out by the clever squirrel - both tasty and snug.

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