Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chocolate Bon Bon

Playing around making bead caps and paillettes from an old candy box.
No. I did not cut up a precious antique tin. It was just a banged up box, with no lid, I found at a garage sale.

I think I like them. They have a great shabby, crusty look to them.
I'm not a fan of new and perfect, I'm more about well worn and mysterious (like me, snort).

Making paillettes:
First thing is to cut up the tin into a flat, usable sheet of tin using metal shears.
Then I used my little disc cutter to make the circles and a helicopter punch to make the little holes.
Next the filing starts. The bitch is there is a lot of filing to get the edges nice and smooth.
Time for some better files.

Why does every good idea in the studio lead to more damn equipment?

Now all I want is to upgrade to a Swanstrom disc cutter...

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