Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Bird Bracelet

Late to the party, as usual, I'm suddenly all about leather cord bracelets.

I've devised a clasp that uses one of my off mandrel leaf pendants.

Just a leather loop and a few knots.
I've thrown up a bunch of snapshots here to help you get the gist of it.

The glass beads are Cim's peacock with trails of golden iridescent Double Helix Aurae.

The beads were made on 1/8" mandrels so that two 2mm leather cords would fit thru their holes.

The bracelet features a little chubby bird.
His beak is a little bit rounded off so that he won't peck you in the wrist, or chip off in everyday wear.

Very simple and sort of sweet.
A handful of the leaf pendants are available in my "Belvedere" etsy shop if you want to try one - as well as the bracelet.

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