Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cherry Berries Bracelet

'Tis the season for bracelets and more bracelets.

Another variation on my favorite "simple" bracelet design.
This one has off-mandrel leaves threaded onto five of the links.
It's light, comfortable and easy to wear, sort of like yoga pants but much better looking.

The berries are Effetre purple red rolled in clear frit for some texture.
The leaves are Cim's commando with raku frit.

The wire work is all sterling silver.

It's for sale in the gift shop of the Memorial Art Gallery - in case you just have to have it.

I would love to stay and chat for a bit but I am still hammering my way towards the holidays.
Check back soon, I have lots more bracelet designs to share.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm curious about the wire wrapping technique with the larger hammered type loop--is it a simple look or does it go thru the bead a second time?
Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I mean to ask if it was a simple loop. It is so beautiful. I work in fine silver and fusing and the hammered loops remind me of that.