Friday, October 12, 2012

Poppa Bead, Momma Bead & Baby Bead

I am super excited about these beads, and I am not easily riled up.

So many ideas coming together all at once.

First blowing huge hollows, I'm newly addicted to making these monsters.
Then making, and decorating, my own bead caps.
And finally getting my Retro Bead Liner up and working. I've had the thing over two years and never successfully cored a bead until last month. The secret is using bead caps.

The bigger, bottom bead cap is made from a vintage button.
I hammered the crap out of that old pewter button, then stamped a big hole in the center of it and finally domed it in my dapping block. I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this, but I did think it up on my own.

Yes, everything is a bit wonky, but I love that about them.
They have that rustic, primative, ancient vibe that I am drawn to.
I don't like things too tidy, and I never want my beads to look like a machine came anywhere near them while they were being created.

The baby one is Pandora bracelet sized.
I think the bigger ones will be nice on ball chain or a fancy silk ribbon.

p.s. the rubber mice are in at Dollar Tree, and they also have great squeaky rats this year.

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Jenni said...

Good on you for coming to grips with the bead liner! I have one I rarely use....must break it out again. The beads look great and the button addition was so clever!