Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love You Pumpkin

A Pandora style pumpkin bead.

Huh, despite all the kicking and screaming on the way to having my personal big-hole-bead home factory, I think I am going to like making these jewels.

I did a small show last night (in a bar) and sold a handful of them.
The response was very positive. My worry was that the Pandora ladies would find mine too "organic" and "primitive." But, surprise, they found them "ancient" and "rustic" and snapped them up.

The only complaint was that I didn't have any sterling ones.
So, I'm off to order some sterling tubing and discs.

If you need me I'll be at my work bench cranking these little babies out.

1 comment:

Christine said...

MAN!! I adore those! I really want to get into making Pandora beads...maybe one of these days. There's so many cool tools to acquire!