Friday, April 13, 2012

Mother of the Bride

It seems that every spring I make a necklace in these colors and deliver it to the museum gift shop, and every year they tell me they sold it to a "mother of the bride."

The glass is Cim's 'peacock' and sky blue opalino.

It's all put together with my hand hammered and coiled sterling silver links.

And, it's a miracle, I like the clasp.
I have this complete bitchy thing with clasps - I almost never like the way they look.

True story:
When I got married my soon to be mother-in-law told me not to wear white because she was planning on wearing white to my wedding. It was a tiny civil ceremony in our yard without any theme other than I asked for polka dots. All the gals wore polka dots dresses and the the guys polka dot ties - except for "Mother Dorothy" she wore all white.
I never did figure that woman out.

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