Monday, April 30, 2012

Evil Eye

A great big heart with an 'eye of protection' on the front.

This type of amulet is one of the most ancient styles of beads and has been made by many, many different cultures for thousands of years.

A talisman like this can shield you from bad luck that is willed on you by others. Keeping your life in balance and deflecting any bad vibes that are sent your way.  Never fear the stink-eye again.

I placed my "eye" on a big heart.

The heart is made of 'dark special red' and 'carrot red' glass.

The eye started with a circle of dark ivory, then a spot of 'raku' on top of that. I plunged the center of the 'raku' dot to form a deep hole in the bead. The black ring is a chemical reaction line between the ivory glass and the metals in the 'raku' glass. Lastly, a big blob of 'super clear' was layered on top to make a domed lens that trapped an air bubble in the hole.

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