Saturday, February 25, 2012

Japanese Barberry Bracelet

New jewelry.

Japanese Barberry Bracelet - lampwork glass and brass

The Japanese Barberry is such a lovely plant in winter.
Just look, but don't touch - it's also called the pricker bush.
Needless to say I left the thorns out of the bracelet design, sure I put a few bumps on the 'stems' but absolutely no mean old prickers.

The leaves and the berries were all made as headpins.
The glass links were made on 'Pandora' bead sized mandrels.

For the leaves I used 16 gauge brass wire. The glass is Cim's 'Canyon de Chelly' with dots and swirls of a weird metallic black called Graphite.

The berries are 'dark special red' on 20 gauge brass wire. It seems like a made a million of them for this piece. In fact, there are only thirty.

The stems (glass links) are a mish-mash of 'Canyon de Chelly' and purple red encased in transparent gray.

In my house, when you stick you arm out in the air to photograph yourself wearing a bracelet, a poodle will immediately appear and attach itself to your arm.

Pet me? Pet me!


Steph said...

It's simply gorgeous!

mmmmna said...

Just researched Red Barberry, via Google Image search (I was identifying an unknown bush).

Your Japanese Barberry bracelet came up in those results, and I must say, it is wonderful!