Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ice Berries

The upcoming sequel to the Ice Balls bracelet will be... Ice Berries.

The same round headpins with wires that have hammered spirals on their insides, but this time the beads will have little lobes of glass down their sides.

Here are a couple of test beads that are fresh from the kiln.

The ball of the headpin is pale gray transparent and the little leaflets, or lobes, or leaf lobes (whatever) are medium transparent gray.

This is a nice glimpse into my sketchbook - a couple of pages that are still in process.

When I find an image in a magazine that intrigues me - sometimes its a group of colors, or shapes, often it is a plant or a painting. - I scissor it out and glue it into one of the books. Pretty soon I might start drawing ideas on the page and when, and if, I make beads from that page I will glue in a photograph of the finished product.


Pretty Things said...


rosebud101 said...

I love how you use a sketchbook. I have to really develop mine. Thanks for sharing.

Gardanne said...

I have sketchbook envy. I write and draw but I have no organizational skills in that department, I have boxes of ideas on napkins, back of envelopes, etc.

I still think this is a potential book, how to manage your ideas.