Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reverse Engineering

It's a bit sleazy but I found the frames before making the little ink and brush drawings to fit into them.

The ends can justify the means - sometimes.
I know it's a backwards way of doing it, not the aesthetic choice of purists.

Making a painting to fit a frame?

All summer I picked up these beautiful little wooden frames at garage and estate sales. There's a whole box of them waiting for little paintings in my studio. Most of them were only a couple of dollars, some were even from free boxes. A lot cheaper than a frame shop, eh?

I also snagged an old book on how to frame your own art so they're very neat and professional. The backs are all tidily sealed with brown paper just like from the framers.

Here they are sitting on my work table waiting to be delivered to Java's a the public market. That's where they're hanging now all priced and ready to go.

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