Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bare Branches

Why did I sell these?

Little beer glass brown leaves swirled with pearly green waves. Simply dangling on sterling silver, hand hammered wires.

What was I thinking when I let these go? I know, I know, I can make another pair, eventually.
The thing is, I made about ten pairs in this leafy style, in all sorts of different colors, and forgot to keep even a single pair for myself. Dope.

My newly twenty-one year old daughter is home from college for a month. We picked her up and brought her back this afternoon. Tonight she says she's at her boyfriend's apartment "watching cartoons." I imagine that's code for snogging.

A little snowy eye-candy for you.


rosebud101 said...

I hope you make more of those earrings for yourself, soon! They are lovely!

Pretty Things said...

Oooh, love the snowy eye candy!