Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Three new pairs of rose headpins.

I am going to write a tutorial for these - as soon as I have worked out all the kinks and am completely comfortable with the process.

The first pair I torched were the iridescent black ones - love the color. It's course Double Helix Triton frit on a base of plain old Effetre black glass. These have a simple tweezed pinch as the center of the bloom.

Next came the orange ones, a base of Effetre orange glass with a bit of fine transparent red frit rolled on.

Look closely - the one on the left has a pinched center but the one on the left has a quarter twist center.
I love the wee spiral flourish, it's a nice little improvement to the design.

Finally, the last pair was made with Opallino Nile Green - which is just like Jadite glass.  It is such a booger to work with, alway getting little smoky black trails in it and it is the 'shockiest' glass out there. Ok, so maybe rods of Adventurine filigrana are worse.

In any case, I love these with their little ruffle in the center. After I make a few more pairs and I will be comfortable with drawing it all out for you. I am still deciding on which wire I like best and some other niddling details.

Are you ready to make some headpins? If not, then I have put the black ones and the Jadite green ones into my Etsy Belvedere shop.


Pretty Things said...

Holy smokes! These are absolutely wonderful.

rosebud101 said...

Wow! that's all I can say! You've really raised the bar!

Gardanne said...

I love these!!! I prefer using 20G copper wire, I started with the 22G and there was less control.