Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Green Peas & Butter Balls

It's late October, that's when a beadmakers thoughts turn to holiday production...
Seriously, I need to make sixty pairs of earrings in the next two weeks and then another sixty or so pairs by the first of December. Someone shoot me now.

These pairs show off  two of my basic designs for the coming season of chaos. I find it helps to have a half a dozen templates and then get going. There's no time to design as you go...

Butter Balls - new earrings for the gift shop at the Memorial Art Gallery.

These beads were made with Cim's Ghee and have raised trails of Double Helix Aurae.
The metals in the Aurae left some lovely ancient looking webbing on the surface of the opal yellow glass.
Just look at those hand hammered ear wires and head pins. They are all mine baby.

Green Peas - also at the Memorial Art Gallery shop.

The peas are Cims Olive green glass with some chunky copper green frit melted in. I made these beads as headpins on the ends of 16 gauge brass wire. It's my new favorite way to make simple dangles for jewelry.

The headpins and ear wires are brass. There are a few tiny, tiny green/black pearls slung on for fun.

Time to get my butt downstairs and start hammering out 120 pairs of ear wires.


WondrousStrange said...

Ah...production work. Hope you have your favorite movie or music on for background inspiration:) When it's all'll be so happy...then the fun begins creating your lovely earrings...and they are indeed lovely!!!

Pretty Things said...

those are great!

rosebud101 said...

I love your earrings with your handmade wires! They look great!