Friday, August 18, 2006

coral sparkle - easy peasy

sometimes something simple can end up being gorgeous.

making beads for a bracelet to go with my friend dr. liz's favorite coral necklace.

the pictures don't come close to showing how lush and full of sparkle these beads are - they look like they have glitter inside them.

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simple, simple to make

1. wind a coral barrel core
2. roll it in adventurine (goldstone) frit - do NOT melt it in, leave it sticking up out of core bead.
3. quickly and gently encase, being careful to heat the exposed frit as little as possible so the sparkle (copper) does not burn out and turn black.

* adventurine frit can be purchased from Island Glass thru their ebay store Moretti and More. they are great, i buy too much from them all the time - best of all they ship like lightning! *

i want to make a set on a periwinkle core, encased in rubino
and some on pea green encased with pale green transparent or maybe even straw yellow.
you get the idea...
tile red encased in light topaz
and on & on & on.

i am like a crow - i like shiny things.

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