Friday, April 15, 2016

A Quilting I Will Go

I have a great friend who teaches quilt making.
Once a year she hostesses a weekend long quilt retreat.
Even tho I do not sew I go every year.

It's my annual adventure with my mother's old sewing machine.

Above - I made the block for the group raffle.
Alas I did not win all the other beautiful black and white squares.
But I did participate in a group activity which is always a hoot.

Below - Look! A little needlepoint poodle pillow I made from vintage thrifted bits and pieces.
(if you scroll back up you can see the finished pillow in the upper left hand corner)

I worked some more on the quilt I started last year.

I also made a sock monkey.
A little bit of moss fringe from the poodle pillow became his hair.

Here's the entire graduating class of sock monkeys from this year's quilt retreat.
There he is front and center in his wee banana pants.

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