Saturday, September 05, 2015

Painting In The Wild

Last night was the first Friday of the month, as such it was open house in the building where I have my painting and glass studio.

Usually I set up my jewelry and a few drawings and treat it like a craft show.
It felt like it was time for a change of routine.

With this half finished canvas of pink roses on my big easel I painted in public.
The snapshot above shows the painting at 5:00pm and the one below at 9:00pm.

Lots of people stood behind me and did Bob Ross impressions. Srsly?
A few asked some interesting questions, two people didn't like the smell of oil paints and complained, one guy wanted to know how much I made per hour.
It was downright weird.

I'm not sure I would do it again but I did get a lot of pink paint on there.
A few more days of working ALONE in my studio and it will be done.

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Wilma said...

I LOVE your floral paintings. The last one you posted on here was just so beautiful I came back to visit the page several times just to admire (ok, stalk).

People's reactions to your craft are kind of funny (in an annoying sort of way). I knit just about anywhere, and have had people tell me "I crochet too" in a tone that tells me they have no idea there is a difference. Or "Knit one purl 2!" then nothing else. But occasionally you get someone who is genuinely interested or never considered knitting in a bar or on the metro but now are inspired to do so.