Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A GlassyRecipe Made With EDP - Crazy Pod

A big pod.

Made on the end of a mandrel.
It has a nice, 16g heavy hammered sterling silver bail.

The base of the bead is Cim's Commando, Effetre pastel olive green glass will also work. 

Roll the bead in fine silver foil (not leaf) and burnish it in, do not melt it in yet. 

Add dots of EDP (Effetre Purple Opaque Pastel #254) on top of the silver foil and melt them in and shape. 

When you have finished your bead give it a blast of oxygen rich flame to burn off any of the chalky white devitrification that may have formed on the purple glass. 

Pop it in the kiln and be prepared to be amazed the next day when you unpack your kiln.

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