Thursday, March 12, 2015

Leaf & Berry

One of my favorite earring designs, I call it 'leaf & berry.'

The pair above has ridged berries made of Opalino Carnelian glass and leaves made of Vetrofond Cosmic Storm ODD Special glass. I have just a little bit of Opalino Carnelian glass still in my stash, I wonder if this beautiful glass is ever going to be available again?

This pair has berries of clear glass with Val Cox's 'High Ho Silver' frit and leaves of clear with Val Cox's 'African Violets' frit.

It is a simple enough design. One small pair of berries and one pair of small off mandrel leaves.
The variations are endless and they are effortless to wear.
I try to always have at least a half a dozen pairs in my show inventory.

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