Saturday, December 27, 2014


After months and months of making things for other people, both merchandise and presents, I made myself something. My most favorite thing to knit - MITTENS!

In my opinion, mittens are the perfect knitting project. They're useful, designing them is fun and they knit up fast. I have no patience for sweaters and afghans, and socks wear out too quickly for all the work that goes into them.


Mittens - This is a free pattern and it's a gem. Easy to understand,  uses needles that are not too big or too small, and it's fun to customize with your own colors and patterns.

Amanita Muscaria - or fly agaric mushrooms - you know, red and white polka dot mushrooms. I adore them. If you have a pinterest account follow this link down the rabbit hole.

If you want a peek at my stash of pinterest mitten pics - click here.

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