Thursday, October 30, 2014

In The Best Possible Light

The light was so beautiful today that I had to take a few studio snapshots.

First, my new red chair. She must have six layers of paint (at least).
The tart wooed me at the end of an estate sale with her sad $4 price tag.
I mean seriously, why had no one adopted this sturdy little bentwood chair?

This paint-by-number garbage can is a crucial part of my painting process.
Seriously, you would roll your eyes if you saw how many kleenex get used while I paint.
Wiping brushes, wiping off paint off paintings, wiping off my fingers...

A Pyrex pie plate is my palette of choice.
I buy cheap used ones, they last a month or so before the surface is so gooped up that I toss it.
The black cabinet holds all my oil paints, lovingly sorted by color into individual drawers.

The rubber crickets have followed me from studio to studio for almost 20 years.
Crickets are lucky, right?
I love stupid faux nature.

Rubber rats, they're not just for Halloween.

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