Monday, July 15, 2013

Poodle Fur Necklace

I had a mess of clear beads kicking around from when I was learning to make hollow beads.
A couple dozen practice beads, most of them are real clunkers with very little 'hollow' to to them.
I'm still not very good at making hollow beads but most of these are atrocious. I really did not want to throw them away and they were too terrible for the dollar bead bowl.

One day I got this weird idea.
At first I rejected it but it  kept clanging around up there in my brain.
I would make a reliquary necklace.
Filling each bead with something near and dear. It took some planning - I had to enlist my dog groomer. She already thinks I am nuts so why not ask her to save some clippings for me?

Using my dapping block and disc cutter I made some fancy bead caps from vintage buttons.
To see how click here.

Then I stuffed the crappy hollow beads with fur clippings from both my poodles and hammered the whole thing together.

Viola! A necklace only a crazy old poodle lady would wear.


Celeste Kemmerer said...

Love it!! Now I know what to do with the dog hair that I sweep up in vast quantities...

Anonymous said...

I love your dapping set--do you remember who made it?