Saturday, February 09, 2013

Heart of Stone

What would you call it? A purse charm, a purse fob, purse jewelry?
By any name, you decorate your bag with it, the giant lobster claw goes on your handbag's hardware.

I have been making these charms like mad.
They're fun, quick and use up lots of odd, leftover things in your bead stash.
Besides the glass heart charm, this one has a bit of fancy fringed chain and a hunk of galena.

The heart was made off mandrel and is dark ivory glass and fine silver foil.
It is available in my Belvedere etsy shop.

And yes, it snowed here.

And then it snowed some more.

It's a nasty fairyland out there this morning.

So much shoveling.

This the view down my street and my snowed-in home.

I love this snapshot. One of the patio chairs with a fresh, fluffy upholstery job.

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Mecki Madeit said...

lovely charms! absolutely beautiful, especially the hearts.
Love snow too :)))