Friday, December 07, 2012

Dead Leaves

Not the most romantic inspiration for a bracelet, but dead leaves it is.

Except for a few sloppy, wet flakes it hasn't snowed here yet, which is freaky for upstate New York.
The last of the un-raked leaves are dry and brown. Their fancy autumn colors are long gone, they're just waiting to be buried under some clean Christmas snow.

The metals are copper and sterling silver.
For all you lampworkers who like to know what colors of glass rods I used - the off mandrel glass leaves are light topaz, the big hollow ball is transparent brown and the little beads are yellow ocher rolled in raku frit with clear on top.

If you're in Rochester this weekend, and fancy this bracelet, it will be available at Craftacular! on Sunday at the Public Market. I'll be set up there with nine crafty friends selling stuff inside at Java Joe's (building #55).

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Celeste Kemmerer said...

That is very pretty! One of your fly beads would have looked right at home there...(my kitchen still has more flies than I like).