Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hello Torch

Big, big sigh.
I am back in my studio and making glass.

Some weird mist swirling around outside my studio window - not unlike the nebulous, big ideas I have for new glass pieces.

I should apologize for the bloggy absence. The holiday sales completely fried me this year. I very much needed the time I took off once the making and selling madness was over. Thanks to all of you who made it far and away my best jewelry year ever, especially the last minute shoppers who begged me until I raided my own personal collection to find them some trinkets to buy. Your procrastination was rewarded with some of my most favorite things. Cripe, I need to make myself some baubles - I have almost nothing left to adorn myself with. Not an option for this old magpie.

Yesterday I swept, dusted and tidied up my 300 square foot studio/nest. Getting it ready for 2012. I also spent some time today getting my glass sketchbooks in order and they're bursting with new ideas. It's time to take a deep breath and jump back into the fiery pool. The next few days should be a wonderful, wild ride on my torch!

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