Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turquoise Glitter

Each bead in this big, graduated strand started with a barrel shaped core of pastel light turquoise. Next it was rolled in medium sized aventurine frit, and then the whole mess was encased in multiple shades of pale, watery transparent glass.

They're the last beads of summer.
Autumn is here and it's time for mossy browns, coral red, ocher, toasty tan and every shade of dirt.

It was a great day to make glass, the air was still so I could have all the windows wide open.

The sun poured in and the trains kept coming and going down in the yard.


CharmN Jewelry said...

I like the multi layered effect of the beads and since it shows glimpses of so many colors can be worn with a lot many dresses too.Silver Charm Bracelet

Blair said...

So cute !

Grace Currey said...

Wow. That's beautiful.