Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's Keep Craft Tidy

Is it weird that I always neaten up after I work?

Why do I put all the glass away, sweep up the wasted bits of rods, put my tools back in their drawers and roll my concentrator back into place after each and every time I work? It seems silly. I was watching You Tube videos of other glass workers and their bench surfaces were wild nests of of tools, rods, twisties, frit, flotsam and jetsam.


Beadroe said...

Wow that is clean. Even when I clean up mine is not that clean. I bet you never loose anything. I am jealous.

Don said...

Cleaning up makes for an easier start each time you come back. I admire you for cleaning up so well each time! More people should do so!

You work looks great!