Saturday, April 09, 2011

Settling In & Setting Up

Despite the frustration of back ordered equipment - I am starting to nest in my new lampworking studio.

Hundreds and hundreds of pounds of metal tables, chairs and carts have been moved into place.

Bags and boxes of glass rods, books and tools have been lugged up to my new studio - and dumped. 

Storage drawers are heaped up and waiting to be cleaned out. They're full of all sorts of detritus from the previous owner. There's all sorts of cool stuff that got left behind in them: 50 year old pencils, screws, odd ball staples, lint, brass tacks, small tools, prehistoric rubber bands, spools of wire...

Here's the cabinet that all those freaking drawers go in.
Ooh what a treasure trove of tools and glass goodies it will be home to.

Oxygen concentrator, O Oxygen concentrator, where are thou my Oxygen concentrator?


WondrousStrange said...

I'm so excited for you! Oh the joy of setting up a new studio...a place for all those sketches to take physical form...what fun you will have!!

Kerry said...

all that metal being rolled down the hall above me and i didn't hear a peep!! welcome!! when are you at the studio usually? i need to stop in :)