Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mercury Rising

I make a lot of big, complicated necklaces for the museum gift shop that sells my work but I rarely wear that sort of jewelry myself. I favor a simple 'bead on a rope' kind of thing. In an attempt to make a piece that is a bit of a show. but not at all difficult to wear everyday. I made this pendant.

It's just a gussied-up version of 'bead on a rope.'

At the top is a ceramic bead by my friend Nancy Valle. She makes the most exquisite sculptures and jewelry using clay. I urge you to check out her website.

In the middle is one of my winged-hearts. I love to make beads that look like they were just freshly dug out of the dirt. Nothing too perfect, or tidy, for me. I like things elemental.

The wings are dark ivory and the base is black with bits of ivory frit, silver foil and silvered ivory stringer.

At the bottom of the bead I have attached a lovely flea market gift from my husband - a flattened Mercury dime that came already drilled. A little wire and a black linen cord and it was good to go.

I wore it out this evening and got lots of ooo's.

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WondrousStrange said...

Wonderful!!! Love the earthy colors and textures...great!!!