Monday, May 10, 2010

Snow Squall(or)

So many goings on...
Margaret's back from college - a wonderful time seeing her school friends and attending the senior shows.
The house is torn apart as my husband packs for the Brimfield flea markets this week.
I am undone by the oil spill in the gulf - seething with anger as we destroy ourselves for profit.
The promise of a yellow lilac for mother's day.
It snowed, no, really it snowed.
I stole this photo from Declan - I was too depressed to take any snapshots.

The last half of last week was spent making lots of earrings. I was getting ready for a little Mother's Day sale on Saturday. That went well. I only managed to photograph a few pairs before they went away.
These were my favorites - little blue glass seed pods made with Reichenbach Multi glass - imagine, all those violet blues from the same little rod of glass. On top of the pods are peacock 'cornflake' pearls and the ends are little bits of labradorite.

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