Monday, February 01, 2010

Zebra Wheelies

More handpulled murrini and a big heart focal with them on it.
This big focal is about 2 1/2" inches long. The base is dark ivory that I wrapped in a black and raku twistie. The murrini are black, white and clear - and are available in my etsy shoppe.

To recreate this look place each murrini on top of a large melted in dot of Richenbach raku (iris orange) glass, plunge the center of each murrini before flattening to pull the edge striping into the center to make the pinwheel.

Hints for working with Murrini:

1. Always preheat your murrini very, very gently way out in your flame before trying to attach it to your bead. These little boogers like to explode if you don't romance them.

2. Remember to spot heat where you want to place the murrini just before tweezing it into place.

3. Gently pat them flat in small increments, re-heating and flattening until they are flush with your bead surface. I use a flat side of a cheese knife.

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ClickNCamera said...

Fascinating and oh so pretty!